Intel CPU

Intel, is currently considered the market leader when it comes to central processing units for your computer. The majority of all computers whether it be Windows and Mac OS X-based operating system are powered by Intell CPUs
currently on the market. If performance and speed is your top priority (and your budget allows it) then Intel processors are your best choice.

Intel’s most popular processors would be the Core i series, the “i” series is broken into three categories that differentiates between good, better and best.

The categories are Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3: The Core i7 category offer a variety of more powerful multi-core options and is the high-end go to CPU. While Core i5 is the popular mid-range gaming processor, used predominantly thanks to its good price vs. performance ratio. Core i3 is considered the baby in the line-up; this series will be found in budget-priced systems.

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